What is an LSA

The Lifetime Service Award is designed to recognize commanders or others who have given a lifetime of service to Royal Rangers ministry, not just a single act or deed. It is not meant to be just for staff members within a section, district, or region, but rather to celebrate any commander or person who has dedicated a lifetime of service in support of the Royal Rangers ministries. Consequently, there are no hard, fast criteria that a person must meet to qualify for the Lifetime Service Award. Indeed there is nothing that a person can “do” specifically to earn it. If, in the eyes of the person making the recommendation, the person being recommended had exhibited exemplary conduct that would serve as inspiration to others, then he or she may qualify should the committee concur. The acts may be unheralded or they may command headlines. 

It is the intention of the National RRA Executive Committee that the Lifetime Service Award shall be given as recognition, from the RRA, for: 
  • Outstanding Service, dedication, and devotion over an extended period of time to the Royal Rangers ministry
  • Promoting the goals of the Royal Rangers Ministry and ministries under Royal Rangers
  • The advancement of Christianity, and the reaching, teaching, and keeping of boys for Christ
  • Supporting a local Royal Rangers outpost, section, district, region, or national staff.
The Lifetime Service Award reflects the desire of the RRA to honor ALL of those who have dedicated their lives for the ministry of boys and to the service of Royal Rangers. Although it is not to be treated lightly, it is also not meant to be an award exclusive to those in high staff positions. 
Who is eligible?
All current and previously serving commanders or person working with Royal Rangers are eligible to receive the Lifetime Service Award.
Who can recommend a recipient?
A person making the recommendation must be a Royal Ranger in good standing and chartered with his or her district. 
How is a person recommended?
The person making the recommendation shall obtain an LSA application from the National Royal Rangers Alumni website. They will then fill in the application then send the it, along with a check for $100.00 made out to National Royal Rangers Alumni to the address located on the LSA application.
Once the application is received the members of the Royal Rangers Executive Committee will review the application and will either approve or decline the application. The committee’s determination is final and not subject to review or appeal. 
If approved the application will be forwarded to the National Royal Rangers Director for final approval. The committee shall inform the person making the recommendation of their decision; however they are under no obligation to detail the reason for their findings. The committee shall keep all recommendations and decisions strictly confidential. 
When the committee declines an application and the person making the recommendation has been so informed, the application shall be destroyed so as to make it illegible and no further record shall exist. If the application is declined the check will be returned to the person who recommended the recipient. The National RRA Secretary, by virtue of his position, shall be the keeper of all records unless the National RRA Executive Committee shall determine otherwise.
Once approved, the award shall be sent to the district RRA representative or District Director or other designated person for presentation. The presentation shall be made in an appropriate public ceremony. 
A roll of recipients will be maintained and posted on the National Royal Rangers Alumni Website.